understanding British Columbia

You can learn how more about how ‘British’ Columbia lost what is now Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana through the Kumtuks videos Losing Columbia and Keeping New Caledonia.

This old territory is full of place names from the old Columbia and it maintains a cultural connection to this day which leads people to refer to the whole area as a single cultural region which they call Cascadia.

First Nations and Early British Columbia: An Aboriginal Perspective

If you liked the video please consider supporting our work: https://www.patreon.com/kumtuks/posts Early modern British Columbia began with the arrival of traders from the North West Company. They were welcomed and supported by the First Nations.

First Nations Architecture, Building, Culture, History: south British Columbia Canada

First Nations architecture in southern British Columbia Canada is described and explained in this short video documentary. Songs, chants and dances from local First Nations and Indian Bands have been covered in other films but this focusses on other aspects of culture.

King George III and British Columbia: Canadian history, slavery, French language and loyalty

King George III had a defining influence on British Columbia. For example, First Nations legal successes are based on the King’s Proclamation of 1763. Many BC places are named after people the King personally knew. This video was published in honour of the first visit by Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Borders of British Columbia

If British Columbia were a country it would rank 31st in size. Here is the story of how it got its borders. British Columbia geography and history is explained and described as relates to its borders with Washington State, Alaska, Yukon, Alberta, Montana and Idaho.

Losing Columbia: History of early British Columbia

The loss of the heartland of what became British Columbia was the defining drama of our history. Yet it is largely ignored in many history books. In studying it we will gain insights into ourselves and inspiration for the future. Kumtuks is a video blog that shares knowledge and explores new narratives.

Keeping New Caledonia: History of early British Columbia

If you liked the video please consider supporting our work: https://www.patreon.com/kumtuks/posts This video documents how British Columbia avoided becoming part of the United States but lost its southern heartland. It follows from two previous Kumtuks videos called Columbia and Losing Columbia as well as the related video Government in Proto British Columbia.

Weather in British Columbia: Insights into Vancouver Weather, Winter and Warming

British Columbia weather is unique and that makes our winter and summer different from the rest of Canada. The Pacific Ocean makes our weather forecasts warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. The earth has three weather cells – the Hadley Cell from the equator to the 30th parallel, the Ferrel Cell from 30 to 60 and the Polar Cell from 60 to the North Pole.

1862 Deadly Smallpox Epidemic: British Columbia History Tragedy

One of the most traumatic periods of British Columbia history was the Smallpox Epidemic of 1862. Some people estimate almost 50% of the population of the province died. Some settlers and Southern First Nations died but the Northern First Nations experienced catastrophic mortality of 60 to 70 percent.

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