Solving the Overdose Crisis in British Columbia: Chronic Addiction Substitution Treatment (CAST)

In 2007, Sam Sullivan, then Mayor of Vancouver, proposed CAST — the Chronic Addiction Substitution Treatment Program. CAST recognized that the government policy of prohibition created a black market and windfall profits for criminals. CAST would have cut off the revenue by intervening and taking over the supply of drugs to people with addictions.

Sullivan helped to raise money and created an organization to support the implementation of a drug trial called SALOME. This was successful in improving the lives of many people suffering from addiction and reducing criminality and homelessness. When Sam Sullivan ran for leadership of the BC Liberal Party in 2018, he renewed his call for the implementation of CAST.

The opioid and fentanyl overdose crisis is a serious issue in British Columbia. Many drug addicts die every year — almost 1,500 in 2017. Opioid addiction, abuse, misuse, dependence, death, stigma, intoxication and opioid withdrawal creates enormous problems.

This video has the drug addiction epidemic, prevention, treatment, tolerance, recovery, healing, history, science and overdose problem explained with facts.

Brain science therapy and counselling in this documentary deals with disease intervention and choice.

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