proto-British Columbia

These videos trace the earliest history of British Columbia, or Proto-British Columbia, when government was in the form of a Company State.

This pre-colonial government shared heteronomy with First Nations governments, integrated with them through mixed marriages, was secular in that it prohibited missionaries, respected and to some extent adopted elements of aboriginal culture and was remarkably multicultural.

Its heartland was the lower Columbia River and its capital was the original Vancouver.

Columbia: The forgotten history of early British Columbia

This video is about the formative time before we were officially named British Columbia. Columbia, or Proto British Columbia, was the direct precursor of our province and its tragic story haunted the important figures of our early history. Its story contains important lessons and inspiration for our future.

Losing Columbia: History of early British Columbia

The loss of the heartland of what became British Columbia was the defining drama of our history. Yet it is largely ignored in many history books. In studying it we will gain insights into ourselves and inspiration for the future. Kumtuks is a video blog that shares knowledge and explores new narratives.

Keeping New Caledonia: History of early British Columbia

If you liked the video please consider supporting our work: This video documents how British Columbia avoided becoming part of the United States but lost its southern heartland. It follows from two previous Kumtuks videos called Columbia and Losing Columbia as well as the related video Government in Proto British Columbia.

Government in Proto British Columbia: Company State, history, multiculturalism, First Nations,

British Columbia was once governed by a business corporation from which emerged the province we know today. The Honorable Hudson Bay Company had the title Honorable because of its status as government. It was fully business and fully government.

Political Factions in Early British Columbia: Multiculturalism, Race, Politics, Labour

In British Columbia, formal political parties emerged in the 1900s. But before that loosely affiliated political factions provided some coherence to political decisions. James Douglas was part black, married to an aboriginal woman and headed the honourable Hudson Bay Company which was the legal government in British Columbia.

Can You Speak British Columbian? Aboriginal and Indigenous Languages of Canada

Chinook Wawa is intimately linked with the history of British Columbia. From its roots in the Nootka Jargon catalyzed by the voyage of Captain Cook, it developed in the milieu of the Honorable Hudson Bay Company which governed when proto British Columbia extended down to California and its Capital was Vancouver [now in Washington State].

First School in Proto British Columbia: Education and Schools in History

With the Vancouver School Board and District in the news we should consider our history. The first school in Proto British Columbia was established by Governor John McLoughlin in 1832. Faced with pressure by the UK government to relax its restriction on missionaries the HBC supported Reverend Herbert Beaver for a position at the Vancouver school.

John McLoughlin. Father of British Columbia?

Why was the early history of British Columbia expunged from our history books. John McLoughlin was the first Governor of Proto British Columbia after the UK extended governmental powers to the coast. He governed through the hybrid government/business the Honorable Hudson Bay Company, the direct predecessor to the BC government.

Children of the North West Company: History of British Columbia and Western Canada fur trade

In the early 1800s two great companies, the North West Company and the Honorable Hudson Bay Company struggled for hegemony in western Canada. When it took over the North West Company, the Honorable HBC had no presence on the coast so it simply absorbed it and appointed the most respected NWC leader, John McLoughlin as Governor.

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