Privatization Can Improve Public Healthcare

Almost half of the taxes we pay to the BC government goes to the healthcare budget. Despite this, British Columbia rates much lower in quality of service than many countries in Europe. Is it because these ‘socialist’ countries all have elements of privatization to prod their government monopolies to be more cost-effective?

Each year more than 6,000 British Columbians go to other countries to get their healthcare needs met. Meanwhile some of our healthcare specialists don’t get enough hours to keep their skills up.

Sam Sullivan is proposing ‘Get one, give one’. People needing healthcare can stay in British Columbia and pay privately for a procedure as long as they also pay for someone in a waitlist to have a procedure done. They can stay at home to get private healthcare as long as it benefits our public system.

The health of British Columbians should never be held hostage to an ideology. British Columbians should be able to pay for their healthcare as long as it helps reduce waitlists for us and contributes to a better public healthcare system.

Healthcare management and administration and the debate and analysis in Canada is dealt with in this documentary video. Ethics and entrepreneurship in the governance and market of healthcare is debated and explained. Policy and quality as well as reform are discussed.

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