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King George III and British Columbia

King George III had a defining influence on British Columbia. For example, First Nations legal successes are based on the King’s Proclamation of 1763. Many BC places are named after people the King personally knew. This video was published in honour of the first visit by Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

King George III supported the abolition of slavery in England; all American slaves were emancipated there. This turned slave owners like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson against him. His wife Queen Charlotte had ancestors from Africa.

King George III’s Quebec Act gave the French language and Roman Catholic religion legal status in British North America. This angered American Colonists who considered themselves English Protestants. His fascination with science and technology encouraged the Industrial Revolution; it is no accident that it was precisely concurrent with his reign (1760-1820).

King George III created the world’s first arts and culture organization to improve the status of artists in society. Important figures of early British Columbia history like Simon Fraser of Vermont and Alexander MacKenzie of New York were loyalists who left because of the Revolution.

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