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Keeping New Caledonia: History of Early British Columbia

This video documents how British Columbia avoided becoming part of the United States, but lost its southern heartland. It follows from two previous Kumtuks videos called Columbia and Losing Columbia as well as the related video Government in Proto British Columbia. The legal government on the West Coast was the Honorable Hudson Bay Company, called a Company State very similar to the East India Company which governed India. The First Nations remained sovereign as per King George Third’s 1763 Proclamation.
Prime Minister Palmerston vigorously defended Proto British Columbia, but the new government of Prime Minister Robert Peel and Foreign Secretary Lord Aberdeen had little interest.
It was only because of the strategy and efforts of the Honorable Hudson Bay Company government that British Columbia did not become part of the US. The Company State morphed into the British Columbia government. James Douglas moved his capital from the original Vancouver (now in Washington State) to Victoria. Langley and New Westminster became associated with government on the mainland.