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BC Proportional Representation Referendum: MMP and New Zealand

If Proportional Representation is approved in the Referendum, British Columbia will almost certainly get an electoral system called MMP. This Mixed Member Proportional(MMP) system is way ahead in the polls. The other two systems have never been tried and were not part of the Consultation Process.

BC Electoral Reform Referendum 2018 Explained: FPTP or Proportional Representation[Chicken or Fish]

The two questions on the referendum ballot are grammatically correct but logically flawed, are so undefined voters cannot possibly adequately answer them and obscure a fundamental shift of power from voters to parties. The Citizens’ Assembly was 160 randomly chosen voters who studied proportional representation.

Urban Density: Urban planning and sprawl in British Columbia and Vancouver

In the 1970s, British Columbia cities adopted policies and processes to resist densification. As Mayor of Vancouver I started the EcoDensity Initiative to counter these. Only cities have the mandate to permit the density needed to reduce house prices and environmental degradation.

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