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Before BC: Proto British Columbia – In Proto British Columbia government was in the form of a Company State. This pre-colonial government was remarkably multicultural. Its heartland was the lower Columbia River and its capital was the original Vancouver. It was a foundation from which modern British Columbia emerged.

Understanding British Columbia – After the 1846 Border Treaty was implemented in 1849, many of the people from Columbia went north to the new Columbia, British Columbia. In the north, political governance was from Victoria, Langley and New Westminster although many settled in what is now Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam and some around Burrard Inlet and False Creek.

Vancouver’s past, Vancouver’s future – Those interested in politics and Vancouver will be interested in the earliest days of the city. Before the evolution of political parties in Vancouver, politicians organized themselves in loose political factions. These were related to earlier political factions that developed in Victoria.

Urban issues in British Columbia – These videos present the history of British Columbian and Canadian cities in terms of three waves of urban reform. Some of the most challenging problems of our society are related to urban policies. These videos contribute to Community dialogue and understanding.

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